Book brings Club Hotel back

Book brings Club Hotel back

Lakes Entrance Historical Society was delighted as Lynette Hallett launched her new book, A New and Commodious House on Saturday.

Lynette has written a fascinating history of the Club Hotel, which was the first building people saw as they came down Jemmys Point into Lakes Entrance for more than a century. The landmark hotel was destroyed by fire at Christmas in 2000.

The author is related to the ‘Misses Hallett’, the formidable sisters who ran the Club Hotel during the 1930s and ‘40s.

The Club Hotel, with 22 rooms, was built at the western end of Lakes Entrance by William Hunter in 1885.

This ‘new and commodious house’ was patronised by the rich and influential, but had some skeletons as well. In 1923, while levelling the ground for a tennis court at the hotel, a wooden coffin was uncovered and inside was a skeleton with ‘good teeth’. The remains were identified as those of a German seaman who drowned at Lakes Entrance in 1884.

This story and other insights into the local history can be found in this comprehensive, well-researched publication.

Ms Hallett has generously donated two copies of the book to the Historical Society for their assistance with her research.

Joy Mitchelson, newly elected president of the society, was happy to accept this addition to the society’s library.

PICTURED: Lynette Hallett launched her book, A New and Commodious House, which details the history of the Club Hotel, on Saturday the Central Hotel.