Sword season is underway

Sword season is underway

Lakes Entrance’s swordfish season has started with a bang.

The first was caught by angler, Luke Van Der Peet, who landed an impressive 179-kilogram catch aboard Far Out Charters Lakes Entrance.

Far Out Charters owner, Tony Kemna, said swordfish have been hanging around for a while now, “but when you travel 100 kilometres out to sea the weather plays a big part in going out or staying home and on the day of the catch the weather was perfect”.

A rule that Tony uses to chase these fish is if the wind is below 10 knots your sounder readings improve, also improving your chances of success.

Last Tuesday the group headed off at 4.30am and after two and a half hours they reached the fishing ground and began their hunt.

“The water temperature was 18.5 degrees Celsius, which is what swordfish like,” Tony said.

“Dropping a squid bait down 500 metres with flashing lights attracts the swordfish to come and have a look. Once the fish sees the flashing lights it believes it is a nice squid to eat.

“Some anglers have fought these fish for many hours, but this time Luke got the job done in 30 minutes, that would make it the fastest capture so far on Far Out Charters.”

Tony reminded people before planning a trip like this to make sure all safety gear is in date as local water police do check boats, while also suggesting anglers should travel in two boats as there is safety in numbers.

He also suggested taking a satellite phone because there is no phone service when you get out that far from shore.

Gippsland Lakes Fishing Club, in conjunction with the Victorian Game Fishing Club, will host a swordfishing competition starting on May 11 and ending on June 10. Applications will be made available on Victorian Game Fishing Club’s website.

PICTURED: Luke Van Der Peet reeled in this 179-kilogram swordfish while angling with the Far Out Charters team last week. (PS)