Jelly beware

Jelly beware

Swimmers are advised that bluebottle jellyfish are washing up on beaches at Lake Tyers and Lakes Entrance.

The the jellyfish have been seen scattered along the beaches over several days this week, with the majority being found at Eastern Beach and along the shoreline at Lakes Entrance.

Local fishermen reported they had been on the beach for a few days.

The Lakes Entrance Surf Lifesaving Club says it’s had to treat numerous people who have been stung by the blue- bottle jellyfish.

A spokesperson said running warm water over the sting area for about 20 minutes helped soothe the pain.

If the sting is still painful, an ice pack is applied to the area affected.

Lifesavers have also been stung by the seawater creatures, which can leave a small white mark on the skin.

On New Year’ s Day, life- savers on Lake Entrance beach were warning swimmers about the jellyfish.

“Many decided to self-regulate and get out of the water,” a lifesaver said.

The bluebottle jellyfish have been a source of conversation on Lakes Entrance social media websites.

The jellyfish, which are usually found on Australia’s east coast, particularly in New South Wales and Queensland, can give a nasty sting if swimmers or beachgoers come in contact with them.

It is unusual to find so many of them washed ashore in Lakes Entrance.